Great victory of human!

The match between Google AlphaGo and Lee Sedol didn’t go as I expected. Lee Sedol won one game back with a brilliant move at 78, a move that many consider as “God’s move”. This move led AlphaGo to a wrongful evaluation of the position, and caused it to make several big mistakes later. This is indeed a great victory of human, and is perhaps the last victory of human against machine. Nevertheless, applause and deep respect to Lee Sedol!

Witnessing one of the greatest moments of humanity, AlphaGo against Lee Sedol

I have a feeling that AlphaGo is going to win 5 straight games. I think it is probably the last chance a human can ever win a machine.

And no matter what, this is the great victory of humanity. Being a witness of this moment is simply fortunate.

Setting Github Pages with Jekyll and Jekyll-Scholar

Finally get the website running with publication list generated by Jekyll-Scholar. As most third-party plugins are abandoned from Github Pages, you need to build a static website before pushing it to your Github Pages. Some notes on the commands involved, not necessarily intuitive.

1. git clone <the template you picked>.git
2. cd <template>

3. Modify the _config.yml to your need

4. sudo gem install bundler
5. bundle install
6. sudo gem install jekyll-scholar
7. jekyll build
8. cd _site
9. git init (this is really critical, because you don't have to maintain another branch in the original repository)

10. Add and Commit

Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website! This is the first post ever, and I hope it’ll not be the last.