In Memory of Professor Bi

This post is dedicated to Professor Bi who recently passed away. I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity of joining Professor Bi’s lab as an undergraduate research assistant in my junior year. Back then I was a newbie to research, but Professor Bi saw my motivation and potentials and decided to put me on two of his most important projects led by his postdocs. Professor Bi gave me his full support and guidance during my stay and we eventually managed to submit two papers before I graduated. The experience I had at Tsinghua with Professor Bi was invaluable and the biggest reason I decided to and was able to become a PhD student.

Professor Bi works extremely hard, much harder than any of his students. Yet he’s never overly critical nor harsh on his students. I remember vividly the time I fell asleep during group meeting because I pulled an all-nighter. Professor Bi was not angry nor offended, rather, he felt sorry and urged me to get some rest. Now that he’s not with us anymore, I hope he can rest in peace. I am forever grateful and I will miss you, 毕老师.